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Important information for SportClinic patients

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has arrived in Switzerland, forcing us all to make changes at work and in our personal lives. The current situation dictates that we at SportClinic adjust our organisational structures as required by the Federal Council, Federal Health Authority (BAG) and Zurich Health Directorate. The COVID-19 coronavirus is highly infectious as one patient will infect one to five other people.

  • The virus is transmitted as a droplet infection or through contact with body fluids.

  • Keeping a distance of one metre to others alone will reduce the risk of infection to around 1%.

  • Not only patients with clinical symptoms, but also infected people without any signs of infection can infect others with the virus.

We take the health and safety of our staff and patients very seriously at SportClinic. This means that we will be supporting the supervisory authorities in combating COVID-19 by fully implementing the official recommendations on hygiene. The aim of these measures is to prevent a further increase in new COVID-19 infections, and to protect the health system and society at large from being overburdened with patients requiring hospital care.

We at SportClinic Zurich are still available for patients at adjusted consultation times for information, consultation and appointments on a home-office basis in all matters concerning musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Unlike general medical practices, we do not deal with infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

  • We will be restricting treatment at our medical facilities to urgent cases and emergencies. We ask you for your understanding in this matter.

  • We are spacing out consultation appointments with gaps long enough to avoid contact between patients.

  • If you have any signs of infection, always seek consultation by phone to avoid entering the medical practice.

  • We will be providing necessary post-operative follow-ups as before.

  • All elective surgery will be postponed according to the ordinance from the Zurich Health Directorate.

This regulation will continue to apply until 19 April 2020, subject to change.

Thank you very much for your patience.
SportClinic Zurich Management

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044 387 21 11

In cases of urgency or emergency, our SportClinic Zurich attending physician can even be reached at night or on public holidays via the Hirslanden Clinic switchboard.

The emergency ward at Hirslanden Clinic is staffed around the clock, and we are well-equipped for urgent treatment. The doctors at our SportClinic are available on request.

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