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  • 21.07.2020

    Osteopathy at Puls 5

    Osteopathy is a holistic therapy that serves in diagnosing and manually treating functional disorders. This gentle form of treatment is oriented towards anatomical structures and can be highly effective in chronic or acute pain relief.

  • 24.06.2020


    This book by Stephan Ulmer and Olav Jansen provides a state of the art overview of fMRI and its use in clinical practice.

  • 12.07.2019


    We are pleased to welcome Dr. med. Marcus Mumme from the University of Basel into our team. Dr. Mumme will be contributing his expertise in state-of-the-art orthobiological joint-preserving surgery and meniscus replacement techniques in our sports surgery department.

  • 16.04.2019

    Game, set, health

    The tennis pros on the WTA tour did not have any reason to worry about their health while in Switzerland. Dr. Mirela Borovac has been the Chief Medical Officer at all WTA tours in Switzerland for years.

  • 17.01.2019

    Cartilage lesions study

    CARGEL a chitosan-based polymer scaffolding biomaterial, has been used since 2012 for treating articular cartilage lesions. The study aimed to describe short-term clinical and radiographic outcomes.

  • 01.12.2018


    We would like to extend a warm welcome to Dr. Christoph Stüssi. Christoph will join our team at SportClinic Zurich Sihlcity from 10 January 2019 on. Consultation appointments can now be arranged on 044 287 86 50.

  • 28.11.2018

    Made to measure

    A custom-fit ski boot is a unique type of ski boot that combines the fun of skiing with a high level of comfort. Our custom-fit ski boots are sure to make skiing an enjoyable experience again.

  • 27.08.2018

    BetterDoc Expertenbeirat

    BetterDoc platform appointed Prof. Matthias Steinwachs to the Swiss orthopaedic expert committee. The purpose of this platform is to provide support for patients and insurance companies with respect to qualified treatment for complex disorders in the musculoskeletal system.

  • 28.03.2018

    PRIMO MEDICO Network (PDF 356 kb)

    Professor Matthias Steinwachs has been awarded the PRIMO MEDICO title for the year 2018, granting Professor Steinwachs official membership of a network consisting of more than a hundred medical specialists in various disciplines from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

  • 28.03.2018

    Visitors from France

    A group of doctors delegated by the French Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons and French Arthroscopy Society took part in a day of surgery with Prof. Steinwachs at Sport Clinic Zurich.

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