About us

The following outpatient medical institutions and joint clinics share the Sport Clinic Zurich brand.

Outpatient medical institution

Med4Sports AG

Med4Sports AG
Witellikerstrasse 40
8008 Zürich

General administration
Medical administration

Dr. Marcel Schibli
Dr. Bernhard Liebisch

Med4Sports AG locations

Puls 5Giessereistrasse 18
8005 ZurichDetails
TödistrasseTödistrasse 49
8002 ZurichDetails

Group practices at the following locations

HirslandenWitellikerstrasse 40
8032 ZurichDetails
SihlcityGiesshübelstrasse 15
8045 ZurichDetails

Other locations without medical services

Stadion LetzigrundBadenerstrasse 500
8048 ZurichDetails
SeebahnstrasseSeebahnstrasse 89
8003 ZurichDetails