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Our mission statement

We hold that exercise and sport are prerequisites for a healthy life, and we are aware that each activity should be planned as an expression of human individuality. Whether you are into walking, cycling, or competitive sports, all active people share a common right to adequate first-class medical care. We satisfy this demand on a daily basis. Starting with the sports surgery, we have created a quality range of movement and sports medicine services unique in diversity, all combined in a one-stop shop.

Who we are

We are a network of highly qualified doctors and health care providers with our core competency in sports and movement medicine. Our range of services includes prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.

What we do

We treat people of all ages for whom movement is important – in everyday life, as a leisure activity, or in competitive sports. We place great value on first-class care, and we have a medical specialist for each treatment procedure. We work on an interdisciplinary basis, drawing on external specialists or referring patients on to the appropriate places if necessary.

How we lead

We see professional and collegial leadership as a basis for our success. Our management team has experienced specialists sharing the same professional, corporate, and ethical beliefs. All of our team members are committed to their work, and value consensus in decision-making processes, and we also expect this from our employees.

How we communicate

We have open hearts and open doors; we place importance on directness, clarity, and honesty in our communication style. We protect and maintain our brand as a mark of quality. We observe the same principles in form, content, and planning.

How we develop

We create space and time for personal and professional development in each individual. We are open to creative ideas and new partnerships that support our objectives and enrich our range for the benefit of our patients. We plan for regional and international growth with care, constantly making sure that potential enhancements and expansions are aligned with our corporate objectives and the welfare of our patients.

We are SportClinic Zurich.