Cardiopulmonary exercise testing (VO2max test)

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing is the gold standard in sports performance diagnostics. Extensive diagnostic techniques are used for determining performance capacity of your heart and lungs as well as maximal oxygen uptake.

This allows qualified assessment of your individual endurance training status. Cardiopulmonary exercise testing involves testing you to your endurance limit on a bicycle ergometer or treadmill.

We analyse gas composition of inhaled and exhaled air with each breath (breath analysis) from a mask that you wear during the test. This enables accurate determination of the oxygen uptake (VO2) as well as carbon dioxide exhalation (VCO2). Maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max) is important in predicting your endurance performance while determining your respiratory threshold (AT and RCP) for accurate information on your individual intensity ranges and training zones in endurance training as well as your metabolic pathways (carbohydrate and fat metabolism).

In contrast to lactate diagnostics, this measurement method makes increased demands on the technical and equipment used, and is especially suitable for ambitious and competitive sports players.

Duration with training advice

  • about ninety minutes


  • CHF 320 payable in cash or by invoice

Ideal preparation

  • Refrain from (intensive) training 24–48 hours before the test

  • Make sure you have enough sleep before the test day

  • Take a lightweight high-carb meal two to three hours before the test

  • Bring your sports kit, sports or running shoes for the treadmill or bicycle ergometer or, if available, cycling shoes with SPD cleats

  • Bring a towel and shower gear