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Insoles and shoes made to measure

We’re all made differently. We keep a record on those individual characteristics that define your body, feet and movement as taken in the corresponding measurements. Insoles or shoes will have to meet differing requirements depending on your particular sport.

We pay special attention to your individual conditions and sport-specific requirements in our tailored products. We have a long tradition and much experience combined with the latest scientific findings in insole technology. We make sure that our made-to-measure orthopaedic aids give you the best possible benefit.


We use innovative and unique three-dimensional measurement and analysis methods to tailor-make and adjust insoles and footwear for our customers in various sports to ensure that your footwear fit your feet, and not the other way around. We have been tailor-making and adapting ski boots, golf shoes, cycling shoes, hiking boots, and business shoes.

Purpose and benefits

  • Footwear with an exact fit

  • Best-fit comfort and individual design

  • Preventing strain and injury

  • The ideal shape and shoe for any foot

  • No pressure points – no aching feet and ankles

  • Ideal biomechanical power transfer in any sport