Integrative Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu and Japanese acupuncture

Shiatsu therapy is performed on a mat on the floor; you keep clothed during the session. The treatment involves applying gentle pressure in flowing movements on the body using the palms, thumbs, elbows, and knees as well as stretching, joint rotation, and structural relief techniques. This induces as state of deep relaxation, releasing deep-seated physical and emotional blockages while bringing the entire body back into harmony.

Shiatsu has a harmonising, revitalising, or relaxing effect, depending on how it is applied. Treatment is applied on its own or in addition to other forms of therapy and/or medications to match the severity of your symptoms in the following conditions:

  • Muscle tension, acute and chronic pain such as in the neck, shoulder, and back, malpositioning, joint ache, digestive disorders, disorders in the autonomic nervous system, stress, burn-out, migraine, sleep disorders, and other mental ailments.

  • Shiatsu speeds up the healing process by relieving tension and pain while increasing flexibility in the parts of the body affected, and is applied together with other therapeutic procedures such as physiotherapy after traumatic events at physical or psychological level, surgery or whiplash, or chronic pain pathologies.

  • Shiatsu prevents burn-out and over-training in both amateur and professional sports by bringing the body and muscles into a state of deep relaxation.

Most insurers in the Swiss national healthcare system’s supplementary insurance for complementary medicine will cover part of the costs of treatment. Please contact your health insurance for details.