Lactate threshold test

The lactate threshold test is aimed at ballparking your current endurance training status for an individually effective and time-saving training programme.

Fat metabolism training, weight loss, fitness, or gaining the edge on your competition – whatever your aim, we will help you achieve your personal goals whether you’re a beginner, an amateur or leisure sports aficionado, or a professional.

The lactate threshold test has you running on the treadmill or riding a bicycle ergometer. Starting at low speed (low-resistance on the bike), we gradually increase the intensity until you reach your maximum individual performance. At the end of each stage, we measure your pulse and lactate concentration in the blood from a small drop of blood from your ear. The development and increase in blood lactate concentration gives us information on your energy metabolism, and your individual anaerobic threshold serves as a predictor for endurance performance as used to define your various training and pulse ranges.

Our sports scientists will give you a simple and straightforward explanation for you to plan and dose your workout to the greatest effect while leaving plenty of time for you to ask any questions you might have about sport in general.


  • CHF 250 payable in cash or by invoice

Ideal preparation

  • Refrain from (intensive) training 24–48 hours before the test

  • Make sure you have enough sleep before the test day

  • Take a lightweight high-carb meal two to three hours before the test

  • Bring your sports kit, sports or running shoes for the treadmill or bicycle ergometer or, if available, cycling shoes with SPD cleats

  • Bring a towel and shower gear