Magnetic resonance imaging, MRI

MRI is often the method of choice in addressing joint and vertebral pain, brain cavity, abdomen and vessels.

Magnetic resonance imaging does not use X-rays or ionising radiation.

The imaging is based on the measuring magnetic fields, with a layered or three-dimensional body image shown on the computer display after scanning. Additional contrast agents may be injected directly into the joint or vein to improve soft tissue imaging.

We also have our first fully digital MRI scanner available.

The tube is wider than average, making the examination altogether more pleasant.

Excellent 3T technology gives you a vast improvement over conventional MRI scanners.

The resulting digital results can be sent to your doctor via Internet, or recorded onto a CD for you.

Please let us know if you:

  • Wear a pacemaker or electronic implants

  • Have metal splinters or older vascular clips in a hazardous area

  • Are hard of hearing and use a hearing aid

  • Have large fresh tattoos

  • Use an insulin pump

Dentures and joint replacements are perfectly safe.

Examination time will vary depending on organ and complaint, but it will usually take between half an hour and an hour.

Please completely remove and store all personal items such as jewellery and watches before the exam. The magnetic field will delete anything you have stored on your credit card; watches and mobile phones will be ruined.

The magnetic fields generated will make loud knocking sounds during the exam; you can listen to your choice of music during the exam to make things more comfortable.

You are welcome to bring your favourite music on CD or USB stick.

We keep an eye on you throughout the exam; you can talk to us or push the emergency button at any time.

The results and images will be sent to your doctor right after the exam – electronically or by post, subject to agreement.

Feel free to contact us any time before, during, or after the exam.