Medical massage

Massage takes effect on tense muscles or back pain while stimulating your metabolism as well as organs and the nervous system for maximum performance.

This boosts the circulation in your skin and muscles while cleaning out toxins more rapidly. And don’t underestimate the effect of mental relaxation from a professional massage either – massage is a very pleasant way of preparing the body for the demands of everyday life.

Classic massage

Prevention and relaxation – we provide special massage techniques tailored to remedying your particular needs and issues quickly and comfortably.

Sports massage

Recuperation, regeneration, and motivation – the best times to apply a massage are before and after a sports event. We treat muscle ache, stiffness, and tension; massage also restores your mental balance with its relaxing effect.

Acupuncture massage

The energetic treatment technique with needles. The findings based on ear reflexology are used for treating pelvis, spine and joint complaints while freeing up energy blockages and restoring ideal energy flow conditions.

Trigger point treatment

The trigger point is a tense, hardened muscle area due to myogelosis. Pressure or tension creates pain, either directly at the location of the myogelosis, or as referred pain at another part of the body that may be some distance away. Mobility is also restricted in many cases. Treatment involves compressing the trigger points, and stretching and loosening knotted muscle fibres to improve the circulation and metabolism in the area affected.

Lymphatic drainage

Manual lymph drainage is a gentle technique aimed at stimulating the lymphatic system and relieving localised swelling by shifting accumulated lymph fluid from the area affected to the corresponding lymph nodes or drainage areas using superficial movement techniques on the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Oedema and congestion – which play a major role in physical trauma, surgery, tumour removal and other disorders of the lymphatic system – respond very well to this form of treatment.

Most health insurances cover these treatments by supplementary insurance. Please contact your insurer for further details.