Our team of qualified physiotherapists has extensive experience in sports physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and works closely with the doctors at our SportClinic or your referring physician. Our goal is to provide you with full individualised treatment from experts.

Physiotherapy is a collective term that encompasses any form of application, active or passive.

The active part, movement therapy, is the most important and the core competence of physiotherapy; this encourages active, independent movements in a prevention, treatment and rehabilitation strategy for the best possible physical reintegration into daily life or sports with or without a variety of assisting equipment.

The passive part includes massage, electrotherapy (ultrasound, electrical stimulation, etc.), hydrotherapy (water treatment), and thermotherapy (cold and heat).

Physiotherapy is a useful alternative, or addition, to drug or surgical therapy, depending on indication.

The costs of medically prescribed physiotherapy are covered by the national healthcare system and accident insurance, and we also welcome self-payers.