Rehabilitation after improper weightbearing


Prolonged improper weightbearing on joints may cause increased wear on the cartilage layer leading to osteoarthritis. Mainly, however, the surrounding soft tissues react to improper weightbearing with pain. The aim of rehabilitation is to train correct weightbearing on the joints, improve the strength in the muscles required for this purpose, and relieve tension using massage and stretching exercises as necessary.


Improperly loaded muscles, e.g. in the neck, due to frequent improper posture while seated may lead to tension due to overstretching or shortening in the muscles. Correcting the cause of improper weightbearing is essential towards relieving tension on the muscles in rehabilitation.


Improper weightbearing on a tendon usually leads to problems at the attachment site between the tendon and bone, which can lead to painful conditions as these attachment sites have a rich nerve supply. The aim of rehabilitation is to train correct use of the respective muscle using strength and coordination training as well as stretching exercises; therapeutic custom insoles may be required.