Shoulder and elbow

Surgery on the upper extremities has undergone rapid development in recent years, not least thanks to modern imaging techniques such as MRI and CT.

The surgical treatment of rotator cuff lesions, bottleneck syndrome (nerve impingement), shoulder instability (shoulder dislocation), acromioclavicular joint injuries (AC dislocation), and cartilage damage are daily routine at our SportClinic.

Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow are also part of our range of treatments, as are removing loose bodies, disabling scars, or mucous folds in the elbow.

We perform most of these interventions arthroscopically these days, and keyhole surgery is one of our group’s core competencies.

Hobby and professional sports people often suffer acute and overuse injuries, and we will develop an ideal individual treatment strategy for a particular injury. Our teamwork approach ensures first-class medical care.

We are sure to find an ideal expert if your complaint should lie beyond our area of expertise.