Custom ski boots

A custom-fit ski boot is a unique type of ski boot that combines the fun of skiing with a high level of comfort. Our custom-fit ski boots are sure to make skiing an enjoyable experience again for hobbyists and professionals alike.

Our team can now tailor any part of a ski boot. Whether altering thermoplastics or using grinding equipment, we’ll find and tackle every last pressure point. 

Purpose and benefits

  • Optimised power transfer on skis

  • No pressure points while skiing – no aching feet and ankles

  • Preventing strain and injury

  • Saving energy in the footwork of skiing

  • Performance optimisation and tuning

  • Perfectly fitting, comfortable ski boots

Two appointments at one hour each for a pair of custom-fit ski boots

We use the first one-hour appointment to measure your feet exactly and determine your foot type in a state-of-the-art orthopaedic studio. Foot pressure measurement yields information on how the pressure spreads over your feet under strain. After that, we measure your feet up to your lower leg to millimetre accuracy using three-dimensional measurement and analysis with a 3D scanner. This reveals pressure points allowing us to determine the right boot model for you.


First appointment: Foot type determination, foot pressure measurement, 3D measurement and analysis, boot model selection

Before the second appointment, we use the result from the static foot analysis and your 3D footprint to manufacture orthopaedic ski-boot insoles as well as the ski-boot shell reshaped to match the anatomy of your feet using a wooden last. This process biomechanically optimises power transfer onto your skis.


Between appointments: Orthopaedic ski-boot insoles, ski-boot shell adjustment

The second and last one-hour appointment will see us foaming the ski-boot for perfect interface between foot and boot. The foamed inner boot optimises pressure distribution and fine-tunes your new boot to your foot. The material in the inner boot adapts to the shape of your foot every passing day.


Second appointment: Foaming the inner boot