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Spiroergometry (respiratory measurement with exercise ECG)

Spiroergometry enjoys a broad scope of application in sports medicine and performance diagnostics, ranging from patients with respiratory problems to high-performance athletes.

ECG, blood pressure, lung function, blood gases, respiratory mechanics and circulatory adaptation at rest and during increasing exercise yield very precise information on actual heart, lung and circulatory system performance, frequently revealing whether limitations to performance are caused by the heart or lungs.

Spirometry is the gold standard in sports medicine and performance diagnostics; it is more precise than any other performance test, and may well reveal a few surprises concerning the IAT (individual anaerobic threshold) and training requirements previously assumed or tested.

Spirometry involves exercising on a bicycle ergometer or treadmill until you have reached your individual maximum. A breathing mask collects some of the air you inhale and exhale for respiratory analysis with each breath. This enables accurate determination of the oxygen uptake (VO2) and carbon dioxide output (VCO2). Maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max) is an important predictor for endurance performance.

Spirometry also determines the respiratory threshold (AT and RCP), allowing precise determination of individual intensity ranges and training ranges for endurance training as well as metabolic pathways (carbohydrate and fat metabolism). The examination itself and consultation will take around ninety minutes.

Please bring the following to your examination:

  • Sportswear

  • Sports shoes or cycling shoes with SPD cleats

  • Showering toiletries