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Taping and kinesio taping

Taping is used both for treatment and prevention; it does not completely relax the joints or muscles treated, but prevents unwanted or excessive movement.

The effect is based on the ability of the tape to transfer potentially harmful stress to the skin, supporting inner structures such as capsular ligaments in the joint while improving your body movement perception (proprioception).

It can also counter swelling in tissues by compression, or fixate injured joints or bones to healthy tissue.

Kinesio taping is a specific form of taping; an elastic tape developed for the purpose consisting of cotton fabric and skin-compatible acrylic adhesive and a corresponding application technique can be used to treat pain and movement restrictions with excellent outcomes.

The kinesio taping method uses the body’s own healing processes by stimulating the body’s neurological and circulation system.

Specific placement of the tape creates a stimulatory effect on the taped muscles, joints, and lymphatic and nervous system.

Both taping types cover a wide variety of potential application areas.