Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

TCM follows a holistic approach focussed on human energy balance.
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a comprehensive medical system that has been developed over the past two and a half millennia in China, and has kept its importance for humanity to this day.

Unlike the narrow, detailed view of disease in Western medicine, TCM follows a functional and holistic approach.

Health depends on the balance between the opposing forces Yin and Yang. As long as Yin and Yang remain in balance, body and spirit are healthy. Imbalance will result from one of the forces becoming excessively strong or weak, and left to continue for an extended period, this may cause illness.

Life energy, or Qi, must be in harmony just like Yin and Yang. You will remain physically and mentally healthy as long as your Qi can flow unhindered in sufficient quantity through your body; a disturbance in the flow of Qi causes illness, so the primary objective of treatment is always to strike a balance between Yin and Yang while ensuring that Qi can flow freely.

Your therapist will take down your medical history in a detailed initial consultation enquiring into your symptoms and their development. After that, your therapist will check your pulse and look at your tongue. This information will be collected and gathered together according to the principles of TCM for a concrete finding.

National healthcare system

Treatment costs are usually covered by most national healthcare organisations via complementary medical insurance plans.

Insurance arrangements vary widely.

We recommend that you check directly with your insurer before treatment.

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