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SportClinic Zurich Puls 5


Puls_5_Aerztinnen_Dr_Susanna_BischoffDr Susanna BischoffPhysical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, FMH
Sports medicine specialist, SGSM
Swiss Diploma in Physiotherapy, SRK
Lectureship Faculty of Medicine, University of Zurich
Medical examiner, pension fund city of Zurich

SCZ_Puls5_Aerzte_SchelbleDr. med. Regina SchelbleGeneral internal medicine, FMH
Sports medicine specialist, SGSM
Manual therapy SAMM
Ultrasound Musculoskeletal System SGUM
Osteopathy D.O. VFO (EMR certified)


SCZ_Puls5_MPA_Spillmann_Aischa_web Aïscha SpillmannMedical assistant / Office
SCZ_Puls5_MPA_Steinmair_Bettina_neu Bettina SteinmairMedical assistant / Office


HE-Portraits-8166 Adrik MantinghQualified physiotherapist (HF)
Head of physiotherapy

SCZ_Portraits_Physio_Thilo_Bo╠łnsel_web Thilo BönselQualified physiotherapist (FH)
Deputy head of physiotherapy

SCZ_Portraits_Physio_Seebahn_Plus5_Felix Gerstenmaier Felix GerstenmaierQualified physiotherapist (FH)
SCZ_Puls5_MPA_Puigventos_Oriol_Anna_web Anna Puigventos OriolQualified physiotherapist (FH)
SCZ_Seebahn_Physio_Yaiza_Rodriguez.jpg Yaiza RodriguezQualified physiotherapist (FH)